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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Market Square #1

Market Square

Harran`s Market Square is a large, rectangular space carved into the city`s landscape. A tangible proof of Harran`s glorious trading past, when it served as a major stop on many trading routes and a meeting place for merchants selling spices or fabrics from the furthest regions of Europe and Asia.

Today the Market`s arcades house a number of small shops selling local food and handicraft products, such as traditional cheese, spices, delicacies, carpets, fabrics, leatherwork, and pottery. In the past, the arcades played a slightly different role, protecting merchants from scorching sunlight. The arcades were turned into shops at the end of the 19th century.

In the immediate vicinity of the Market Square stands a 25 meter tall tower - a great example of Ottoman architecture and one of Harran`s most photographed landmarks. The top of the tower used to be crowned with a magnificent clock, which, when the tower was being renovated, was moved to another tower in the city where it remains till today.

Nowadays, the alleys and arcades of the Market Square are crowded with tourists and locals alike, who roam the place looking for petty jewelry, unique souvenirs, and traditional products. When the evening comes, though, local musicians, street performers, and fortune tellers take the rule over the square.