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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Last Message

This will be my last message

A farewell.

I’m at a crossroads now and, before I see the bottom of this bottle, I must decide where I’m going from here on.

I took my son to the wall, but things didn’t turn out as I wished. Suleiman’s forces had their hands full. At first I though it was zombies pushing against the gate, but they were no zombies... They were ordinary Harran citizens, trying to break through the military barricade and escape the quarantine. Just the soldiers treated them like zombies.

What we witnessed was absolute pandemonium. Machine guns turning people into bloody pulp, grenades thrown into the crowd, desperate cries of human beings butchered worse than cattle... Those images will haunt me for the rest of my life. So, not for much longer it seems.

Not everyone was trying to force the wall gate. I met survivors who’d decided to wait the epidemic out in a hideout. They’d fortified one of the old tenements. I knelt and begged to let us in. I’ve got no idea why I told them I was infected. The moment I said so, they got hostile. But I kept begging. Eventually, they took my son in. My felt my heart break when I was pushing my son into the hands of strangers. I can still hear him crying. But I had no choice. No other option.

GRE is sending air-drops with Antizin to Harran, but it’s too late for me. I don’t feel my legs anymore, hands can hold the bottle just barely. The virus is taking over and I’m waiting for the... transformation. I put a gun on the table nearby. I’d looted it from a dead soldier. So I want my last decision to be mine and mine only. I will decide my fate thinking of my late wife, killed by her loving husband, and our child, abandoned by his father.

Virus or bullet? I will decide soon. Any moment now. Farewell and... good luck.