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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Apocalypse zombie


I don’t find other words to describe it. What’s happening in the streets is pure madness. My wife’s stuck at her workplace, my son still at the kindergarten. We had to wait till they unblock the streets, but I couldn’t just sit back and wait. I decided to hide my family here in the office, so I went out to buy food, water, and so on for storing.

But what I saw outside... Broken shop windows, people looting whatever they can, police or army nowhere to be seen. Everyone’s fighting for supplies. It’s obvious it’s getting only worse and I’ve got no fucking idea how long it’ll last.

I saw a woman... walking down the street in her underwear, barefoot, lost. With an absent look on her face, as if she’d just lost everything. Then I noticed her cuddling a small bundle against her chest and I understood. At least I thought so then.

I was proved wrong when I saw the baby move, trying to reach the mother’s face with his or her tiny little fingers. Blood on the blanket belong to the mother. In her eyes I saw some indescribable determination. She knew she was going to lose control over her mind and body soon. Yet, something kept her pushing forward. Perhaps some primal imperative made her look for a shelter for her poor little baby.

I stood there, petrified, thinking whether I should help. But then she walked under a speeding car and I didn’t have to think about it anymore. It all happened so quickly I didn’t even close my eyes.

In this very moment, I understood I have to do everything I can to bring my family here. I’ve called my wife but she’s not answering. Now I’ve got to make a decision I wished I would never have to make: pick my wife up first and then go to the kindergarten? Or bring my son back and then look for my wife?

Who first? Wife? Son?