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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Harran Under Quarantine

Citizens of Harran,

Due to the rapid spread of the epidemic and new centers of the disease appearing every day, the Ministry of Defense has decided to put the Old Town district under quarantine. The operation will be carried out by soldiers and employees of the Global Relief Effort. All citizens are asked to cooperate with the authorities. The goal of the quarantine is to protect the people of Harran against the disease and increase the efficiency of treating those already infected.

Under no circumstances are the citizens allowed to leave their homes during the operation. Representatives of the authorities will visit all residential houses and help all uninfected citizens relocate to temporary quarters outside the city center. Please be prepared for the relocation: everyone is obliged to carry their identification documents and is allowed one hand baggage with most necessary belongings. All these precautions are imperative to stop the spread of the virus.

The Old Town is already being sealed off with concrete walls. Only patients and medical personnel are to remain inside the quarantine zone. The G.R.E. is also setting up a laboratory within the walls, where final tests of a new medication will be carried out. The medication is being designed to stop the development of the disease.

The field hospital at the stadium is also being quarantined. No one is allowed to enter or leave the building. Medicine, food, and clothing supplies will be delivered to the hospital once a day.

All citizens are once again asked to give their full cooperation and support to the army and the G.R.E. Human lives depend on the success of this operation.